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Integrating aptosid?

On 03/05/11 at 13:31 +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> I've suggested integrating aptosid (or $derivative) people inside of
> Debian as a way to provide rolling, I know that Joss did so on planet
> too e.g. That has two very important advantages:
>   * it brings in new blood *now* (and not an hypothetical later) to
>     actually take care of rolling (which doesn't make all my reservation
>     moot but I reckon does lessen their scope significantly);
>   * it brings people who know how to do that and already have
>     infrastructure to do so. We would just give them the opportunity to
>     benefit from the larger and robust infrastructure we have, while
>     taking their experience. Looks like it's win-win.
>     They probably have good ideas on what could be improved in Debian to
>     make their job easier, while *we* don't since we never tried.

It's not as simple as "let's integrate aptosid". There are at least two
sides to this:
- integrate the developers community in Debian. They are probably very
  nice etc, but:
  1) they are not currently Debian contributors (even if some of them
     might be)
  2) they might not adhere to Debian's values
  3) they decided to start a separate project, they might have good
     reasons to do it outside Debian
- integrate the technical processes inside Debian. We can't just add
  aptosid as a new Debian suite: that would be the worst solution
  (important overhead since Debian maintainers would have to care for
  unstable, testing and aptosid, then). So we need to work out solutions
  to reduce the overhead, and all the former discussion applies.

Also, FYI, the aptosid development team is composed of 8 to 10 developers,
contributing to different things at different levels (info gathered on

- Lucas

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