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Re: Debian rolling: tentative summary

* Cristian Henzel <cristi@b3r3.info> [2011-05-03 10:51]:

> > Er, no. Those of us using Debian in corporate environments desire high
> > stability, long-term support and defined, not to short, periods between
> > releases. The 2 years with the security support for currently about 4
> > years from the release date on is good if even a bit on the short side.
> I was just suggesting the shorter release cycles for stable thinking of the
> people that might want to run a stable release on newer hardware. Since I do not
> run a corporate environment, I'm not familiar with the hardware that is normally
> used nor with how much that hardware is supported by a 1-2 year old distribution.

You either by a pool including spares with guaranteed 3/5/7 year
repleacements or you have exact hardware spec in the contract and
guaranteed supply for 3-5 years with thise specs and guaranteed
replacement guarantee for 3-7 years.

You don't want to have different hardware for 1+k users in 10+ countries
at 100+ locations with central administration wherever possible. Since
even several year old hardware is usually pretty fast enough for desktop
and local caching stuff you want too keep that running for 5-7 years
before starting a migration to the next generation of specs. In a
central facility there is one sample of each spec so you can do
debugging localy before rolling out changes.

In the data center side we heavily use virtualistion and the hardware
underneath is scheduled for a 3 to 5 year replacement schedule depending
on usage (with storage replacments on the lower end).

yours Martin

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