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Re: Debian rolling: tentative summary

* Cristian Henzel <cristi@b3r3.info> [2011-05-03 08:12]:

> I'm a bit new to Debian but just wanted to add my $0.02 to this discussion,
> since it's something that I personally find very interesting.
> Firstly, I think the question should be, "which users would be targeted by a
> rolling release?" I don't think there are many people out who have the need for
> *both* really stable and supported *and* up-to-date packages and this might not
> even be possible without a huge team to work on it. IMHO the rolling release
> should be targeted at people who want the latest stuff but don't care that much
> about stability.
> I had a quick talk on this with a couple of people on IRC where I suggested
> starting with a 'clone' of the testing repository, and changing a couple of the
> rules, like not having a freeze for example and maybe increasing the time it
> takes packages to 'promote' from unstable into rolling. This might not make the
> most stable configuration but I think it would be a good compromise between
> having the latest packages and not having any really serious bugs. I for one
> would only dislike bugs that cause a data loss or a non-operable system, and
> from what I know these are pretty rare even in testing.
> If it then would be also possible to decrease the release time of stable to
> something around a year, I think this might make everyone happy, both the
> 'stability freaks' and the average Joe.

Er, no. Those of us using Debian in corporate environments desire high
stability, long-term support and defined, not to short, periods between
releases. The 2 years with the security support for currently about 4
years from the release date on is good if even a bit on the short side.

yours Martin

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