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Re: need a server for debdelta repository

A Mennucc schrieb am Tuesday, den 03. May 2011:


> the debdelta service is experiencing some problems.
> There are two hosts involved: the first creates the deltas, and the
> second is a public http server 'bononia' that serves them (under a
> virtual host by the CNAME debdeltas.debian.net ).
> Unfortunately, there is some strange problem, so that bononia is not
> correctly mirroring the delta repository... whole directories are
> missing (!); I noted this some time ago, I contacted the people who had
> setup the mirroring, but there was no answer.
> What I am asking , as an emergency (and possible even temporary)
> solution, is a place where there are ~15GB of free disk space and an
> http server, so that I can transfer the repository of deltas there, and
> redirect 'debdeltas.debian.net' onto a virtual server at that place; and
> I would need an 'rsync' access so as to push new deltas (and delete
> old) when they are generated.
I should be able to give you shell access to one of my vm's
(mumble.snow-crash.org) if this is still needed. 


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