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On Sun, May 01, 2011 at 06:34:02PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Raphael Hertzog (hertzog@debian.org) [110501 18:23]:
> > On Sun, 01 May 2011, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > How can we submit jobs to a buildd?
> > - APT entry to add (i.e. URL of the PPA so that the buildd can fetch
> >   build-dependencies not satisfiable in the target suite)
> Why not just use one location - shouldn't be an issue unless you plan
> to have the same packages and version numbers in multiple PPAs. And
> that's something I recommend not to do.

With the newer 'apt' and 'aptitude' resolvers, where we are creating
a local apt archive, we already have the code to add additional
apt entries into /etc/apt/sources.list.d and update apt.  If we need
to add additional sources, and the existing buildd mechanism
(99builddsourceslist) is insufficiently flexible, then we can always
add them by allowing them to be specified on the command-line.  This
mechanism might be a somewhat simpler and more flexible alternative to
99builddsourceslist for the general case as well.


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