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* Stéphane Glondu (glondu@debian.org) [110501 17:00]:
> Le 01/05/2011 15:34, Andreas Barth a écrit :
> > 1. How to push from a vcs (git, svn, ...) to ppa? (This should be
> > coordinated with ftp-masters, so that the same method could be used
> > later on for uploading into unstable.)
> > 
> > 2. How could we create new ppa repositories easy enough, how do we
> > hold the data, how do we make sure that dependencies are there?
> > (Basically "how do we extend dak for ppa?")
> > 
> > 3. How do we extend authentication concepts for apt to ppa? (So that
> > one could say "please give me this and that repository from ppa", and
> > one doesn't need to add custom apt-keys.)
> > 
> > 4. How do we get a good interface to see which patches are where, and
> > which bugs are found (or fixed) where?
> > 
> > 5. After 2. is done, setting up autobuilding for ppa. (I'll be happy
> > to help with this part, but 2. needs to be done first.)
> I don't understand why this is only point 5. Setting up a custom
> repository easily usable is quite easy... and done already
> (mozilla.debian.net has been mentioned; I also happen to provide
> unofficial packages on ocaml.debian.net).

It's easy for one piece of software. I maintained more than one dak
instance already.

However, to get that done right for multiple software is not so easy.
But please prove me wrong - as soon as 2. is done, I'm happy to help
setting up autobuilding (even if that happens this afternoon). It
needs however done in a way where buildds only pick up source packages
from one place, and upload to one place, independend whether the
source package is mozilla, ocaml, or something else.

> I don't see why points 1-4
> should be addressed by the project as a whole (and a prerequisite of 5):
> each PPA maintainer can have its own tool / policy / proposals before
> everyone agrees on something more unified.

Well yes, but how many autobuilding suites should we add? 50? 100?
200? How do we do key management so that we know that the autobuilder
build the packages that they should?

No, there will be only one new autobuilder suite per debian release,
and so there needs to be some apt-magic that hands out the appropriate

> On the other hand, custom repositories are always restricted to
> architectures their maintainer have access to. It would be nice if the
> autobuilding network would allow submitting jobs not targeted for
> official suites. Something a PPA maintainer could use to get the binary
> packages for architectures he doesn't have access to.

That would be some apt-repository. Create it in a way that allows to
specify appropriate build-dependencies (or just say that the package
need to specify all by hand as today in experimental), and we could
move on. (See 2. for some questions I had in mind).


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