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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

* Arno Töll (debian@toell.net) [110430 17:46]:
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> On 30.04.2011 16:48, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > Actually, it worked quite well for both volatile and backports to
> > start as a non-official service. As well as building packages in
> > non-free. And lots of other stuff which was implemented.
> > 
> > Why shouldn't it work for rolling.d.n?
> I didn't say r.d.n should start as official service immediately, I said
> one should give interested people the possibility to provide a reliable
> service to prove their idea works.
> This is a bit different than backports.d.o, which is a pure optional
> service extension to traditional repositories. If there is a backport
> for a certain package good, if not: no problem neither from a conceptual
> perspective.

Eh, sorry, but that's not true. If you upload packages to backports,
someone has to take care about bugs, security issues etc. Just the
same as everywhere else.

But one can't expect that it's enough to say "great idea, but someone
else will do it". If someone wants to setup rolling.d.n, fine. I'm
happy to help setting up britney, release foo, whatever.  But someone
has to take responsibility, and not just make it a fire and forget

> However for a rolling distribution one would not provide some packages
> in addition to those regularly available through repositories, but
> provide official maintainer uploads from unstable after a while /and
> support them/.

And why can't someone just do it? "Support them" means: "support
them".  Yes, that's an effort. If someone is willing to support that,
fine. Then do it. If not, stop bugging other people to do it.

> At least the latter calls the original maintainer to
> account again, even outside of freeze periods and perhaps in a more
> timely manner as Sid requires this by people by now.

Why? Wouldn't NMUs be allowed to be done? And - just convince the
maintainers that this is time spent well. But also that is work - I
have done that long enough for testing.

Sorry, but this all sounds to me "someone else should do the work".
And that is not how it works.

If someone wants to setup rolling.d.n, do it. If not, then don't. But
that's it.


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