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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy


Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net> writes:
> Eh? How do you fix stuff in the next release if you don't make uploads?
> I'm not saying that the number of uploads should stay the same: it's
> normal to see it going down during freezes, since there are less things
> to change. However, if we think that DDs participate in RC bug fixing,
> the number of distinct uploaders should not go down.

Of course it should go down. People lose interest as soon as they have
cleaned up their packages and some few things they are interested
in. In a perfect world, they would re-invest their time in fixing bugs
in other packages, or uploading their great new crap to experimental -
but in a perfect world, they would also only need to work 3 hours a day
to pay for their lifestyle. It's not gonna happen.

Your argument is basically that freezing reduces the time developers
spend on Debian. However, trying to maximize developer time spent on
Debian is not the same as maximizing the quality of the resulting
product (be it a stable release, a constantly usable testing or some new
rolling/unstable-pre-2000 distribution). 

What we are seeing in a freeze is what happens shortly before a release
in every software company around the world - crappy jobs noone likes
need to be done: last-minute fixes, documentation, testing, ...
The difference is that in a company, someone can force people to do what
they don't like. In Debian, we cannot do this, thus people turn
away until they can do their fun projects again. This will not magically
change. Giving in to that will mean that the last-minute fixes,
documentation and testing will not get done at all - and that's not what
I expect of Debian.

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