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Re: [RFC] Changing APT to pre-depend on ${shlibs:Depends}

]] "Eugene V. Lyubimkin" 


| On 2011-04-27 20:14, Adam Borowski wrote:
| > > First, this statement is not true because other package managers
| > > exist.
| > 
| > You mean, one could manually hunt down and locate a .deb file, wget
| > then feed it to dpkg?
| Well, yes, one can. I did it once in the past.

I've installed Debian using wget, ar, tar and gzip.  That does not mean
I think it's a good way to install Debian.  :-)

| But the point was there are other high-level package managers - I know
| 'cupt' and 'smartpm'.

They don't seem to be in particularly widespread use, with smartpm
having 12 votes on popcon, cupt having 32 votes, compared to apt's 96204
votes.  Heck, looking at inst, apt is installed on 99.98% of Debian
systems, smart and cupt are both at < 1%.  So, while your point about
them existing is correct, it's also not very relevant given they barely
exist on any systems.

| > If an upgrade fails for any reason, including a power failure, you
| > won't be able to restart apt to let it finish it.
| As you and me pointed already, there are other (hard or easy) ways and
| tools to fix the system. APT is not Essential, a system can live
| without it.

This is not about making apt essential, it's about tightening the
dependencies apt already have.  It will not make any difference
whatsoever to whether apt's installed on a given system or not.

Tollef Fog Heen
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