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[RFC] Changing APT to pre-depend on ${shlibs:Depends}


I hereby request comments on changing APT to pre-depend on
${shlibs:Depends}. The reason is simple:

        When we upload a new version of APT, depending on a newer
        library version (due to new symbols, whatever), and APT gets
        unpacked before the library, the system's ability to upgrade is
        broken, unless you fix it manually via calls to dpkg.
APT is fairly low in the dependency chain, and the dependencies affected
are libgcc1 and libstdc++6 (in addition to dpkg's pre-depends). As those
are installed on most systems anyway, pre-depending on them should not
introduce many problems.

Unless there are strong objections against this move, I will upload it
tomorrow or on Friday.

=== modified file 'debian/changelog'
--- debian/changelog	2011-04-21 10:18:05 +0000
+++ debian/changelog	2011-04-27 12:43:52 +0000
@@ -7,2 +7,5 @@
     - Check power after wait, patch by manuel-soto (LP: #705269)
+  * debian/control:
+    - Move ${shlibs:Depends} to Pre-Depends, as we do not want APT
+      unpacked if a library is too old and thus break upgrades
   * doc/apt-key.8.xml:

=== modified file 'debian/control'
--- debian/control	2011-04-15 12:28:11 +0000
+++ debian/control	2011-04-27 12:42:38 +0000
@@ -15,3 +15,4 @@
 Architecture: any
-Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, debian-archive-keyring, ${misc:Depends}, gnupg
+Pre-Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
+Depends: debian-archive-keyring, ${misc:Depends}, gnupg
 Replaces: manpages-pl (<< 20060617-3~)

Julian Andres Klode  - Debian Developer, Ubuntu Member

See http://wiki.debian.org/JulianAndresKlode and http://jak-linux.org/.

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