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Re: [RFC] Changing APT to pre-depend on ${shlibs:Depends}

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 07:34:35PM +0300, Eugene V. Lyubimkin wrote:
> On 2011-04-27 14:53, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> > I hereby request comments on changing APT to pre-depend on
> > ${shlibs:Depends}.
> >         When we upload a new version of APT, depending on a newer
> >         library version (due to new symbols, whatever), and APT gets
> >         unpacked before the library, the system's ability to upgrade is
> >         broken, unless you fix it manually via calls to dpkg.
> First, this statement is not true because other package managers exist.

You mean, one could manually hunt down and locate a .deb file, wget then
feed it to dpkg?  Perhaps the non-apt code paths in dselect have not
bitrotted yet to have a modicum of usability left, but then, you won't find
dselect on any sane system installed this millenium, and to install dselect
to do recovery, you'd need to... right, have usable apt or hunt down .deb
files by hand.

> Second, why the APT's ability to upgrade is broken under these
> conditions?

Because you can't start apt's binary.

> Unless I'm missing something, the upgrade cannot be started in the middle
> of another upgrade.

If an upgrade fails for any reason, including a power failure, you won't be
able to restart apt to let it finish it.

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