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Re: /run in experimental

[Roger Leigh]
> This also permits the mount options for filesystems mounted in the
> initramfs (e.g. /dev, /run, /sys, /proc etc.) to be set in
> /etc/fstab; the filesystems are remounted with the options from
> /etc/fstab if already mounted during rcS.  The mount options for /run
> are also made stricter when possible.

I hope there are no traps for the unwary in remounting tmpfs
filesystems, like the one that hit me in ext3, Bug #520009.  I put
"data=writeback" in the / entry of /etc/fstab.  This caused the system
to become unbootable, and the initramfs-tools maintainer concluded that
it's my fault for being too stupid to notice that you have to duplicate
information between /etc/fstab and the boot loader config.  He
WONTFIXed it because it is "much to big special case to start an fstab
parser on".  ("fstab parser" meaning, I guess, getmntent(3).)

So, yeah, I hope tmpfs doesn't have any flags you're not allowed to
change in a remount.

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