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Re: /run in experimental

On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 10:23:10AM +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Hi folks,
> An update on /run:
> sysvinit/initscripts 2.88dsf-13.4 is now available in experimental.
> If you haven't tested it yet, now would be a good time before it
> goes into unstable.  Additionally, if you wish to transition your
> packages to use /run, it is now OK to upload to experimental with
> a dependency on initscripts (>= 2.88dsf-13.3).  More information is
> available here:
> http://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/RunDirectory
> There is just one known outstanding thing pending, which is switching
> the use of absolute symlinks to relative (/var/run→/run will be
> /var/run→../run for example).  This doesn't affect the functionality of
> the packages though.  It's just a nicety for chroot environments, so
> you don't get redirected back to the host /run if accessing the chroot
> from the host.

This issue has been addressed with the upload of
sysvinit/initscripts 2.88dsf-13.5 to experimental.  Any further testing
of this would be appreciated.  You might want the initramfs-tools
patch from #621803 as well if you're using LVM.

This version makes the early boot mount/mtab logic use a unified
single codepath to reduce the number of duplicated, almost
identical blocks of code which previously all had to be kept in
sync to avoid breakage.  This also permits the mount options for
filesystems mounted in the initramfs (e.g. /dev, /run, /sys, /proc
etc.) to be set in /etc/fstab; the filesystems are remounted with
the options from /etc/fstab if already mounted during rcS.  The
mount options for /run are also made stricter when possible.

/etc/default/tmpfs is deprecated in this version, since the same
settings (and more) can be stored in /etc/fstab directly.  And
this also means that systemd can share the same settings.  The
appropriate fstab entries are appended to /etc/fstab by the
initscripts postinst, which will supersede the /etc/default/tmpfs
settings.  /etc/default/tmpfs isn't currently removed, but it may
be in a future version.

With these changes in place, initscripts has been tested under a
number of different systems and configurations and there are no
known issues remaining.  In order to avoid udev causing breakage
when /run is introduced as in previous weeks, we're now waiting on
initramfs-tools to add /run (#621803) to allow for a seamless and
smooth transition.  Once this is done, sysvinit/initscripts can
then go into unstable.


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