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/run in experimental

Hi folks,

An update on /run:

sysvinit/initscripts 2.88dsf-13.4 is now available in experimental.
If you haven't tested it yet, now would be a good time before it
goes into unstable.  Additionally, if you wish to transition your
packages to use /run, it is now OK to upload to experimental with
a dependency on initscripts (>= 2.88dsf-13.3).  More information is
available here:


There is just one known outstanding thing pending, which is switching
the use of absolute symlinks to relative (/var/run→/run will be
/var/run→../run for example).  This doesn't affect the functionality of
the packages though.  It's just a nicety for chroot environments, so
you don't get redirected back to the host /run if accessing the chroot
from the host.

At the moment, udev is unfortunately still badly broken when the /run
directory (introduced with the new initscripts) is present:

  udev 167-1:
    - works with /run absent
    - completely broken with /run present but nothing mounted
      (it's read-only when it tries to use it)
    - functional with /run present and with a tmpfs mounted
  udev 167-2:
    - works with /run absent
    - broken with /run present and with a tmpfs mounted
      (no networking, others have other non-working hardware)

For as yet unstated reasons, the udev maintainer has chosen not to use
a versioned dependency on initscripts, which guarantees /run to be
present and functional, and hence allows it to be used reliably and
unconditionally.  Instead, a number of different (and broken) checks
have been used which have resulted in #622893 (closed but still
present), #622309 and #623060.  This is due to the checks making
misplaced assumptions in both the postinst and init scripts.  The logic
is broken, and this results in a partially functional udev.

Note that for the networking, an ifdown and ifup of the device does
work around the issue.  For other devices, probably just a modprobe.

If there's anyone familiar with udev who could take a look at it, I'd
be very grateful.


  .''`.  Roger Leigh
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