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Re: howto modify dependencies?

Hi Hans!

At first: This is a support question and properly better suited for
debian-user@ or its local off-springs. A german one is available, too!
debian-devel is for (suprise suprise) development discussions.

(and i have cc'ed you in this mail, which is against CoC…)

On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 18:01, Hans-J. Ullrich <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
> as I have trouble with the package ppp since version 2.4.5-*, and no one cared
> although I filed a bugreport, I set the package to hold (version 2.4.4-rel-10.1
> is working fine!)

Does your bugreport include as much information as possible?
Maybe if you tell us (read: debian-user not debian-devel) what your
problems with ppp are someone can point you into the right direction.
Pinging the maintainer helps sometimes, too.

> However, as the old version is working fine, I am looking for a way, to install
> newer packages but hold the old ppp-version. I could still not manage it,
> because of dependencies (which is logically). Neither with aptitude nor with
> apt-get I found an option. Any hints?

No option as ignoring dependencies is not an option (and not a good idea).
What you can do is 'apt-get build-dep' to install the build dependencies
of a package and 'apt-get source' to get the source code.
I would recommend to change the version in debian/changelog, after that
you can build it, for the lazy people 'apt-get source -b' will work.
You are out of luck if the source package depends on newer ppp than you
have (obviously), so this will not work for ever - or even at all now.
(in essence: you are starting your own more or less unsupportable backports)

> Talking of aptitude just a simple question: "apt-get --purge remove 2.6.32-*"
> is removing anything with "2.6.32-" in its name. But aptitude does not offer
> this option, doesn't it? Is aptitude using some other syntax???

Note that "2.6.32-*" in apt-get is NOT a shell-like global but a regular
expression! So it matches also "2.6.32", "2.6.32--------" and "226632"!

Don't know if and how aptitude supports this or not through,
not my cup of tea^Wpackage manager…

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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