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howto modify dependencies?

Hi all, 

as I have trouble with the package ppp since version 2.4.5-*, and no one cared 
although I filed a bugreport, I set the package to hold (version 2.4.4-rel-10.1 
is working fine!)

But as newer packages require higher versions of ppp, I cannot install them. 
besides, all packages which are using ppp in higher versions, do also not work 
at me.

However, as the old version is working fine, I am looking for a way, to install 
newer packages but hold the old ppp-version. I could still not manage it, 
because of dependencies (which is logically). Neither with aptitude nor with 
apt-get I found an option. Any hints?

Talking of aptitude just a simple question: "apt-get --purge remove 2.6.32-*" 
is removing anything with "2.6.32-" in its name. But aptitude does not offer 
this option, doesn't it? Is aptitude using some other syntax???

Happy eastern!


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