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Re: /run in experimental

Quoting Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen@err.no):

> Yay, this is great news.  I'll be updating systemd to depend on the new
> version.  Thanks a lot for all your work, it's much appreciated. :-)

Yes, that had to be said. I'm witnessing Roger's work from quite far,
I just read the wiki page about the transition yesterday and I have to
say that this transition and release goal are handled really well. And,
from the level of "noise" generated in -devel, blogs or anywhere else,
I think it is a very well accepted one.

Of course, there will be breakage (unstable has to deserve its name
from time to time) but I'm somehow confident it will be handled well.

So, I think Roger is deserving a couple of "thumbs up" here or
there. Here's one.

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