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Re: Openstack Compute nova, Cactus release, Squeeze built available in our private repo

On 04/18/2011 05:29 AM, Soren Hansen wrote:
> 2011/4/16 Thomas Goirand <thomas@goirand.fr>:
>> On 04/16/2011 01:32 PM, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
>>> On 16/04/11 at 10:43 +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>>> What the state of collaboration with the upstream packagers?
>> Replied more extensively privately to that one.
> This, even more than your constant lecturing on Debian policy, frankly
> pisses me off.

What are you referring about for the policy? All I've been fixing aren't
*my* lecture of the policy, but the ones of *lintian*. There's no way
I'm going to upload something in the Debian archive if lintian warns me
about anything.

Now, you are telling 2 things that are opposing each other. You are
saying that my "constant lecturing on Debian policy" above, and below
that you need more discussions about my proposed merges with you. Most
of my changes are to be policy compliant. So, please choose one of the
two and stick to it.

> If you have something to say, at the very least have the guts to say
> it in public

I did. What I added privately to Lucas was mostly that I had bad
feelings for the future, because of reactions like this:

> otherwise this collaboration ends right here.

which I wanted to avoid, knowing already how quick you can be to react.

What I wrote as well, is that it seemed to me that Debian was not your
priority. Am I wrong with that?

That's it, nothing more that I sent to Lucas, there's no need to be
paranoid with it.

>> But in short: my patches were not pulled, and I hope to get more feedback and reactivity from
>> upstream packagers in the future.
> It would be quite helpful if you'd either a) follow the same process
> as everyone else and submit a merge proposal when you have something
> ready for review or at least b) let me know whenever you expect me to
> review your stuff.

I did b), multiple times, on both IRC and email. You agreed on the
discussed changes, which is why I didn't get why my proposed changes
were not pulled.

> Every once in a while, I've gone and looked and
> have given you feedback.

I agree I had the feedback 2 weeks ago, yes. I can even add that I was
quite happy to discuss my changes with you. But that's it, it ended
there, with no reason given why my changes were not merged, which I
would have feel strange about it if there was no major release of Nova.

> If you expect more than that, I suggest you
> discuss it with me

What more do you think we have to discuss, since last week? Please let
me know.

> instead of being passive aggressive in other fora
> about it.

I reread myself 3 times to make sure I wasn't aggressive, and made sure
I wouldn't hurt you. Where was I?


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