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Re: /run in experimental

On Apr 17, Roger Leigh <rleigh@debian.org> wrote:

>   udev 167-2:
>     - works with /run absent
>     - broken with /run present and with a tmpfs mounted
>       (no networking, others have other non-working hardware)
Unsurprisingly, it turned out that udev works fine in both cases.
But ifupdown breaks if /etc/network/run/ is a symlink to /dev/shm/ (and
possibly in other situations yet to be understood), I will open a bug
later if nobody beats me to it.

> For as yet unstated reasons, the udev maintainer has chosen not to use
> a versioned dependency on initscripts, which guarantees /run to be
> present and functional, and hence allows it to be used reliably and
> unconditionally.
For the records, the reason is that so far a dependency has not been
proven to be needed.

As usual, udev is more complex than people think it is (mostly because
we need to support upgrades in many different situations and people
want it to support annoying corner cases, let's make it required and it
will become much easier to deal with).


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