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Re: i386 ISO also installing kernel for AMD64 (Squeeze)

André Barone Rodrigues <andre.barone.r@gmail.com> writes:

> Dear sirs,
> I think there's something not entirelly clear to me and perhaps to some other
> people, because I couldn't find any solution to my problem.
> I have downloaded an i386 ISO for Squeeze (6.0.1a) and used the same media to
> perform installation on 2 different machines. 
>  On the first one I got a perfect i686  and on the other an  AMD64  kernel.
> presumibly, my media is not mult-arch. 
> One problem I have felt so far is about Virtualbox OSE, which brings a kernel
> problem while installing from Debian Packages.
> Best Regards,
> André.

The i386 port of Debian has the customary 32bit kernel but it also has
64bit kernels. A 64bit kernel is generally faster (even considering it
has to interface with 32bit userspace) and does not limit your physical
memory to 3.5GiB (64GiB with bigmem). It also allows you to run 64bit
applications and 64bit virtual machines if you so choose. So all around
it is a better choice if you have a 64bit capable cpu.

The problem with Virtualbox OSE is regrettable but that would be a bug
in Virtualbox OSE. It should support 64bit kernels with 32bit userspace.
Please do file a bug with details.


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