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Re: rock around hwclock.sh

"Andrew O. Shadoura" <bugzilla@tut.by> writes:
> iii) Also, it would be good to hear opinions about negative
> consequences of saving the system time to the RTC on frequent basis.

My openmoko does a suspend/resume cycle every 10 minutes. RTC time can
only be set at one second granularity. If I write to RTC on every
suspend cycle inaccuracy starts to accumulate.

My solution: Never write to RTC. I let the RTC drift as freely as it
wants and always just set the system time based on RTC. I have
calculated how much the RTC drifts so it is not a problem that the RTC
is actually already an hour off-the-UTC :-)

Some benchmarks:


Patch to make hwclock easier to use when RTC is wildly off-the-UTC
(upstreamed a year ago):


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