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Re: Back to technical discussion


Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> (04/04/2011):
> I think squeeze already does a lot better, but there is still work
> to do, especially with the installation process.
> On my personal wishlist for wheezy is d-i actually calling NM behind
> the scenes to configure the network, instead of ifupdown. I’ll
> definitely try to find time to hack on this.

on a related note, losing the essid during installation seems to be
pretty badly supported. The installation broke while installing the
bootloader, but mostly half packages weren't installed before even
that. Had to chroot under /target, and set the essid again; several
times, since it got lost a few times.

Haven't had a chance to gather more intel on that (not my laptop), but
probably something where having a please-keep-me-connected mode would
have helped.


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