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Re: "expected stable-updates but got squeeze-updates"

On Wed, 30 Mar 2011 23:24:09 +0100, "Adam D. Barratt"
<adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> wrote:
> Because security.debian.org is not debian-mirror.lrz.de.  The entries
> above are for security.debian.org, whereas the error message you quoted
> was for an entry containing debian-mirror.lrz.de; the entries for
> security are not what's causing your error message.
Oh,.. now I've seen your problem ;)...
Actually the sources.list is correct, I just copied the wrong lines here.
security comes from s.d.o, and the "normal" archive from lrz.de,... and
there I get the errors from.
So the problematic lines are actually these:
deb ftp://debian.mirror.lrz.de/debian/ stable-updates main contrib
deb-src ftp://debian.mirror.lrz.de/debian/ stable-updates main contrib

Sorry for the confusion.

> It's also not universally agreed to be a good idea, as once a new stable
> release occurs, your next "apt-get update" will suddenly pull in an
> entirely new release's package lists, which isn't generally what you
> want.
Well yes,... but that should be something the administrator can decide.


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