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Re: cdn.debian.net as a project service?

On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 12:11:40AM +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> > > > Package: netselect-apt
> > > > Description: speed tester for choosing a fast Debian mirror
> Does it actually work for anyone?  I just tried it from machines at four
> different locations on 3½ ISPs; two with IPv6+IPv4, two IPv4 only; two with
> no NAT; all with full UDP/ICMP connectivity -- getting an empty result every
> single time (#238888, #582976).

From my experience, netselect-apt failed to work if UDP probes are blocked.
Since version  0.3.ds1-15 in unstable netselect-apt uses ICMP probes only as
most Debian mirrors do not have full UDP connectivity (i.e. UDP probes
are blocked).

> netselect-apt somehow requires root, I got none on a machine outside of
> northern Poland so I can't test if it's something caused by a specific
> mirror.

netselect-apt requires root because netselect requires it for its UDP (or
ICMP) probes. It is documented in its README.Debian file.
If you have not installed netselect setuid root this it what
will happen:

$ netselect-apt sid
Sorry, you need to be root to run /usr/bin/netselect-apt since the netselect
binary we will use (/usr/bin/netselect) is not setuid.



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