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Re: e2fsprogs as Essential: yes?

On Sat, 26, Mar, 2011 at 11:47:08AM -0700, Steve Langasek spoke thus..
> Hi folks,
> Currently the e2fsprogs package is marked Essential: yes in the archive.  Is
> this a historical holdover?  I believe e2fsprogs used to ship /sbin/fsck,
> but since 2009 (i.e., util-linux (>= 2.15~rc1-1), which e2fsprogs has a
> pre-depends on), this has been provided by util-linux instead.


The only other thing I can see is that e2fsprogs contains lsattr and
chattr - a quick grep through my local /var/lib/dpkg/info shows that
chattr is used in the postfix postinst without an explicit dependency.
I wonder if there are more instances of that?


Mark Hymers <mhy at debian dot org>

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