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e2fsprogs as Essential: yes?

Hi folks,

Currently the e2fsprogs package is marked Essential: yes in the archive.  Is
this a historical holdover?  I believe e2fsprogs used to ship /sbin/fsck,
but since 2009 (i.e., util-linux (>= 2.15~rc1-1), which e2fsprogs has a
pre-depends on), this has been provided by util-linux instead.

The remaining programs provided by e2fsprogs are all specific to the ext*
family of filesystems, so I don't think meet the definition of Essential any
longer - their presence is certainly important if you have an ext[234]
filesystem, but while this is the default, you can have systems that don't
use ext* at all, which makes e2fsprogs no more essential in nature than the
other per-filesystem fsck tools.

Now that the transition to util-linux is done in a stable release, is it
time for us to drop the Essential: yes flag from e2fsprogs?  This will
benefit those targetting embedded systems that don't use ext, where the
package will be dead weight; the risk of any packages assuming availability
of these e2fs-specific interfaces without a dependency is quite low; and
we're at the right point in the cycle to make changes to the Essential set,
where we have time to deal with any unexpected fallout.


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