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The deadline for proposing GSOC projects is close!


Next Monday, the submission of student proposals opens for this year's GSOC.
>From Debian we are expecting to have something like 10 students
working, so we are still missing proposals. Most of students
are reviewing this weekend the different websites of the participating
organizations to decide where to apply, so if you are planning to propose
and mentor a project, the sooner you do it, the higher chances to get
a motivated student!

The student application deadline is 8th April, do not expect good
students proposals if you suggest your project after the 4-5th April.

It is not clear for prospective mentors what projects are suitable and what
are they supposed to do. I hope the following ideas will help:

* What kind of project is a suitable one for GSoC?

A project that:
- should be done for the student in 12 weeks with help/support from a mentor
- produces *code*
- gets the student started to contribute into some area of Debian
- does not focus on improving or introducing specific upstream software in 
Debian but instead improve core aspects of Debian 
- will allow the student learn. Repetitive and/or boring tasks are not OK. 
(For example, it would not be OK a project "clean spam from lists")

'Package foo' projects will only be considered if they can make significant 
contribution to common Debian packaging frameworks and tools. And only when 
they are expected to take the 12 weeks of the GSoC.
The difficulty of the project is very hard to measure because what is hard 
for some students is easy for others, and vice versa.

You can take look at the list of projects from the last 2 years at

* What mentors are expected to do?

- Get the student introduced into Debian.
- Interact with the student 3-4 times per week, via email and IM/IRC.
- Follow the progress of the student weekly and remind the student to
write an email (or blog) about their progress every 2 weeks. 
- Answer the Mid-term and final evaluations questionnaires.


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