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Re: ddebs

On 25/03/11 23:13, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Are there dependencies from the -ddeb to the binary?  Because you'd want to
> update/upgrade your ddeb when you update the library, otherwise it becomes
> useless.  I imagine there can't be given that the binaries of our source
> package might not be co-installable.

This is handled by

# If the ddeb appears in the control file, we let the
# packager override our defaults there.
my $arch=package_arch($package);
my $srcpackage=sourcepackage();

my $depends="";
foreach my $pkg (getpackages("same")) {
	if ($pkg ne $package) {
		addsubstvar($package,"ddeb:Conflicts","$pkg","<< \${binary:Version}");
		addsubstvar($package,"ddeb:Conflicts","$pkg",">> \${binary:Version}");
		$depends="$depends | $pkg (= \${binary:Version})";
$depends=~s/^ \| //;

> Is there a rationale why this was done differently from Ubuntu?

There probably was, though I don't remember it. You can search in the
debian-devel archives on July and August 2009.


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