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Re: new scripts and patches for devscripts

On 2011-03-10, Carsten Hey <carsten@debian.org> wrote:
> One way to have both, all members of the devscripts team keep their
> current vim in maintaining it, and not wasting the potential developer
> resources of these two DDs, could be the following:
>   Package: devscripts
>   Maintainer: Devscripts Devel Team
>   Recommends: devscripts-python
>   Package: devscripts-python
>   Maintainer: Devscripts Python Devel Team
>   Recommends: devscripts

That's salomonic.  I hope people notice that.  Splitting it at arbitrary
language boundaries instead of sharing a common repository and getting their
act together...  and to arrange for two languages in use... would make little
baby Jesus cry.  Especially as you admit that it's temporary until someone
comes along with Python knowledge and happens to maintain devscripts.

Isn't debian-goodies similar?  Do we need a -python and -perl there, too?
There's no technical reason for it.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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