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Re: Disable ZeroConf: how to ?

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Am Do den  3. Mär 2011 um 12:22 schrieb Lars Wirzenius:
> > So you contradict yourself within two paragraphs. It makes it less
> > useful to enable it only on manual intervention (say, it should be
> > enabled automatic) but on the other hand you say that nobody is forcing
> > me (or others) to use it. How do that plays together?
> I don't see a contradiction between "nobody is forced to use zeroconf"
> and "zeroconf is less useful if it has to be enabled manually".

That is your point of view. I see that as contradiction in some sens.

> (Yes, it would be nice if there were an easy way to disable it.)

True; or even not even installed.

> However, could we please end the FUDfest?

I do agree with youe that we should not spread FUD. But I see just
little in this thread.

Is having a other meaning than others equivalent to FUD?

> This thread seems to be quite unconstructive,

Don't think so. I gave a concrete tip to the OP.

> with unspecific claims of security problems,

Oh, there was some absolute concrete claims in that discussion. (Not
only from my side.)

> unwarranted slurs on users based on their operating system,

I didn't see any insult in this particular thread.

> and accusations on Debian developer's attitudes.

Oh, sorry, I am once burnt. The disaster with changing openssh security
checks just for the convenience of a hand full users and where the
involved DDs are unconvincable even from the openssh people them self is
just tickling in my bones. And that was not the only claim I see and
was involved in the past.

> If there is an actual problem, explain what it is, and suggest a
> solution.

For zeroconf; make it optional as the OP suggested. For the openssh
disaster, listen to the openssh people they might have more knowledge
about security. ...

There is concrete solutions given. But if nobody want to listen to

> Be specific.

For my person, I think I am.

> Avoid hyperbole and vague generalities. Do not insult.

I do not see how I did. However, if someone starts to insult, I might
react also rough. I'm sorry for that.

> Write few mails, but put effort into each one.

Not less than necessary.

> If others don't agree with you, possibly you are unclear and
> they are not stupid or evil: rephrase and expand and ask questions, and
> don't get frustrated.

Sorry, english is not my mother tongue. But I try my very best.

However, if the other party do even not listen to native english
speaker who have concrete arguments...

I might be wrong in some cases. But in the security part I do not see an
alternative to be a bit to paranoid. And if I am not the only one, that
shows me that I am not completely wrong.

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