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Re: Call for projects for Google Summer of Code 2011

Paul Wise wrote:

> That is unlikely to be useful, upstream has explicitly said they are
> targeting Linux only.

More precisely[1]:

	"Will this run on [insert non-Linux OS here]?

	 Unlikely. As pointed out, systemd uses many Linux specific
	 APIs […] That said, git supports branches and rebasing quite
	 well, in case people really want to do a port.


	 If folks want to implement something similar for other
	 operating systems, the preferred mode of cooperation is
	 probably that we help you identify which interfaces can be
	 shared with your system, to make life easier for daemon
	 writers to support both systemd and your systemd counterpart.
	 Probably, the focus should be to share interfaces, not code."

So upstream does seem to be interested in cooperating with developers
for other platforms, though not in maintaining the resulting code.

For what it's worth.

[1] http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/systemd.html

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