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Re: NMU procedure

[removing most CCs and setting reply to -devel]


On Sunday 27 February 2011 14:21:25 Hector Oron wrote:
> 2011/2/27 Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org>:
> > there are a number of NMUs currently in the delayed queue, adding armhf
> > support to some packages.  The bugs referenced in those uploads have
> > seen no notification of any such upload, and no NMU diff has been sent.
> > Please fix this.  And in the future, do that before you upload, per
> > http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/pkgs.html#nmu
>  * Patches in BTS are hanging since last year, 2010.

November 2010, during the freeze.

>  * NMU were discussed on -devel without any objection [0]
>  * Severity was raised Feb 14, 2011 for part of the packages and
> maintainers should be aware of that [1]
>  * Everyone that has complained, we have removed the upload from
> delayed queue (#604681)
>  * A bug has been created to have armhf as release goal and ease
> release team track this goal (#615513)
> I do really apologize in case we have miss something, we'll try to do
> better next time.

Let's list a few things:
* I didn't like that there was no notification on the bug report
* Raising the severity doesn't really imply anything
* The release goal has not been acked by the release team AFAIK
* You could have probably saved some time yourself by not NMUing every single 
package. In my case, for kgb, I highly doubt anyone uses it on arm* and one 
upload per release to clean it up should be enough (there won't be any new 
releases upstream).

Anyway, it came as a surprise, but I didn't complain when I saw dak's email 
because I really don't mind.

If you ask me, I would say that providing a magic for file(1) as I said on 
debian-arm[1] would be more useful that NMUing a few hanging fruits.
Lintian will annoy people with one tag per ELF object otherwise.


Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
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