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Re: [Adduser-devel] Default Homedir Permissions

Stephen Gran writes ("Re: [Adduser-devel] Default Homedir Permissions"):
> I don't want to prolong this thread, but this seemed useful to answer.


> I certainly have no intention of changing the default on my own.
> My hope is that Debian is used in ways I can't imagine, and I can not
> begin to cater to all of the variety of needs that current and future
> users will want.  I think that 0755 as a default plus the ability to
> alter adduser.conf is enough flexibility to allow admins to create users
> as they see fit, while still catering to the most common case out of the
> box.  No matter what we pick, someone will be unhappy.


Thanks for the clarification.  That means those of us who support the
status quo can let the discussion die.


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