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Re: Default Homedir Permissions

[Someone] writes ("Re: Default Homedir Permissions"):
> [stuff]

We are in danger of wasting a lot of time with this discussion.

The general pattern is that someone who is unhappy with the state of
the world proposes a substantial change.  The worry amongst the rest
of us is that the change might go ahead if we don't oppose it.

So those of us who oppose feel impelled to respond to every message;
whereas the proponent of change is dedicated.  There is no natural
conclusion to this argument.

So I would like the maintainers of the adduser package (which seems to
be where the default is mainlys et) to post here to reassure us that
they don't intend to make this change, and that if the maintainers are
thinking of changing their mind they will consult debian-devel.


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