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Re: Sourceful uploads [Re: Upcoming FTPMaster meeting]

On 14/02/11 at 12:13 +0000, Philipp Kern wrote:
> On 2011-02-13, Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> wrote:
> > ]] Philipp Kern 
> >| Actually those build failures are nowadays sent to the PTS for further
> >| distribution (the "buildd" keyword).  I don't know how many are subscribed
> >| to those notifications, though.  (After all, they're not automatically
> >| sent to the maintainer.)
> > Would people be opposed to changing that?  I would be quite happy to get
> > mails if my packages FTBFS on various architectures, and I believe I'm
> > competent to at least usually see if something fails because of
> > something obvious or if it looks like a chroot/buildd issue.
> I guess there are (at least) two options:
> a) Auto-mail the current maintainer as determined by ftp's Maintainers file.
>    Pro: Very easy to setup.
>    Drawback: You'd be unable to opt-out.  Furthermore I don't know what the
>    process is to agree on additional mailing of maintainers.
> b) Auto-subscribe all maintainers to the PTS.  Phase out direct mails to
>    the maintainer and switch them over to PTS mailings.  I guess that would
>    also apply to dak and debbugs mails.

I would very much prefer (b). Maybe it would also be a good time to
split the mail part off the PTS (I don't see any excellent reason to
have the mail handling and the web pages closely linked together).

- Lucas

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