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Re: Make Unicode bugs release critical?

[Ron Johnson]
> Never useful except for 90% of the market?  (I wonder how SAMBA deals
> with it...)

I don't think you really want to know.  There's a 'unicode' flag in
much of the CIFS protocol that means filenames and such are in UTF-16
(I think UTF-16LE) instead of some-random-configured-code-page.
Samba's been using that flag for about 10 years.  You configure it to
say what encoding your filenames are supposed to be on the server, and
it expresses them in UTF-16 on the wire.

Samba also supports non-Unicode-aware clients like Windows 3.11 - or at
least it used to support these - you'd tell Samba what client code page
to translate your filenames into on the wire.  Fun stuff.

Samba doesn't really deal with file _contents_, which is a much more
"interesting" problem than filenames.  It just serves contents as-is,
like most file service protocols other than FTP.
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