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Re: Kernel


On Tuesday 08 February 2011 22.57:51 Pontus Andersson wrote:
> Hi. I like to make a request regarding the Debian Linux kernel.
> I think the "tux boot" should be compiled with the Debian logo..
> With tux boot I mean that some distros e.g. Arch and slackware boots with
> the logo
> while displaying the boot process.

As Paul has said, there is a patch to include the Debian logo at boot. As 
far as I know, the kernel still displays the traditional penguin at boot if 
a framebuffer is used, but note that on recent systems framebuffer has been 
replaced by kms which is loaded a bit later in the boot process and doesn't 
display any logo (either tux or the swirl with the patch.)

-- vbi

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