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Re: Squeeze Artwork: selection of default theme

On ven., 2010-11-12 at 10:37 +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Paul Wise wrote:
> >There was the possibility of mentioning the poll in DPN, but it was
> >noted that the deadline already passed. It was suggested that the
> >poll was quite short. It was suggested a more widely advertised and
> >longer running selectricity poll might have been a good idea. It was
> >noted that the email poll was simply an internal decision making
> >tool. Someone thought that it was kinda weird to have the poll only
> >limited to this list.
> Um, yes. For something that's going to be so visible to many users, a
> wider-spread mention would be appreciated, and a poll running longer
> than 48 hours at a weekend.
> In terms of the artwork choice itself (SpaceFun), I've seen a lot of
> comments along the lines of "looks like something even my kids would
> reject for looking too childish". I wouldn't go quite that far myself,
> but I can understand the sentiment. :-(
> Please check again with a wider audience.

Ok, that's my last mail on the subject, I'll try to explain it *again*,
one last time.

I really think things could have done better. I think things could have
done better since 3 releases, to be honest. Now nobody hide the fact
that Debian artwork work is done on debian-desktop list (since 3
releases at least). Everybody could have sent his opinion *before*.
We're running out of time since quite some time already, we need to get
this done *now*.

To all people criticizing the decision-making process, feel free to be
here on time for Wheezy, participate in theme making, discussion,
packaging, whatever, I really think we need sensible input on this. 

But, once again, I don't think “a wider audience” is needed. In my
opinion, interested people *need* to take part in the work, give some
time, give some interest in the long run and not just in the final word
(a bit like everything else in Debian). And (again) those people are
really welcome on -desktop list and packaging team.

About Squeeze, I *will* upload desktop-base with Spacefun theme, when
ready. This was the decision made by the -desktop list, we knew
everybody couldn't agree on this (some people did vote for other themes
like SpaceFun, for example), but there was 4 themes, there had to be
people disappointed. But again, this was the decision and I can't really
deny it. And we're running out of time and really need to push this into
Squeeze fast.

Now, maybe the release team won't allow a freeze exception, maybe
someone will make an NMU or ask the TC to override this. Fine, do it, I
don't care, I have some (utterly cute) other things to take care of. But
if you do it, please really take care of the next artwork context, take
care of the people you're denying the decision.


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