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Re: Debian Installer 6.0 Beta1 release (WPA support)

> Please note that this patch is quite likely to add new localized
> strings to D-I and I know about an l10n coordinator which will be very
> unhappy if new material is bringed in at the very last minute while we
> had *months* for bringing it in on time beforehand.

Although the effect on translators has to be considered providing a
new feature which is an absolute requirement for some users. Remember:
most netbooks do not always have an Ethernet port and many WiFis are,
or should be, now WPA-only. Making it possible to install Debian in
those systems should be our goal. Remember: "Our priorities are our
users and free software". Having a 100% translation target of d-i
shouldn't be the main priority.

> As is, if this patch adds localizable material, I'll object against
> it.

I really don't agree (and this with my translator's hat on) If this
patch introduced new strings in sublevel 2 (or 3) that wouldn't be too
much of an issue, most users will not even see it. I believe that many
(active) translation teams will be able to translate the (few) strings
of a new feature rather quickly.

Translators are going to need to work quite a lot for this release,
not just translating d-i, but translating the manual, the Release
Notes (which are far from complete) and some other things. Two or
three new strings are peanuts and should not deter a new feature.

We could still say in the Release Notes and say that the debian
installer is translated to 67 languages even without translating this



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