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Re: Debian Installer 6.0 Beta1 release (WPA support)

On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 06:57:52AM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Harald Jenny (harald@a-little-linux-box.at):
> > Well the patch is dated in 2008, so yes, people should have been quicker
> > voting and working for this feature.
> And this is a growing problem with D-I: the project's life is nearly
> zero for months at times where the development could happen and where
> one can happily "break" the installer without problem....then, a few
> months before the release, we start getting suggestions to add this or
> that fancy new thingy....

Well I guess that this is a problem for most software which is running "behind
the scenes" and is only used at specific times... maybe the people working at
D-I must show up more often and enforce the development in better times?

> When D-I was brand shiny enough to attract enough momentum, that was
> somehow hidden...but that tendency increased over the years and the
> lenny->squeeze release cycle has, at some times, been particularly
> depressing wrt this.

Hmmm I did not want to put any stress on the D-I team and as far as I can
currently say the new WPA feature may be a POC before Squeeze release but not
more as there will for sure be enough glitches to solve before it reaches the
level of maturity which I expect from something having the brand Debian. My
current idea would be to develop the WPA functionality as far as I can without
the help of others, encourage testing by willing victims ah I mean subjects ;-)
and after Squeeze release work with the maintaineris of wpasupplicant and netcfg
(and all others involved, for example the translation people) to get this code
into Wheezy. Is this acceptable for you Christian?


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