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Re: Debian bugs #700000 and #1000000 contest

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On 18/10/10 10:15, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> If you, or anybody else, think I can help in any
> other way to move past this once and for all, please please please let
> me know.

I intended to come up with a recommendation which would support my
working practices[1] to the release team.  My intention was (still is!)
to devise this recommendation and then simply ask them on -release,
albeit post squeeze release.

I agree that passive/aggressive grumblings about the mistake here and
there are damaging rather than helpful, but I can understand Piotr's

Can I please take this opportunity to whip off a quick thank you to the
release team for their hard work?  I am continually impressed with their
politeness and the level of scrutiny they are visibly applying to
unblock requests:

   Thank you!

   Keep up the good work :)

[1] which, back of the envelope, top-of-my-head, would be something
like: a minimum gap between freeze announcement and commencement, and
ideally commitment to release date for Debian N at release of Debian
N-1, but that might be pushing things too far.  Although  I  will
eventually be far more articulate and convincing :)

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Jon Dowland
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