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Re: Debian bugs #700000 and #1000000 contest

Quoting Piotr Ożarowski (piotr@debian.org):

> I already only scan -private and -devel mailing lists once a week or so
> (due to spam), I was expecting important information on -devel-announce
> so I stopped doing what I was doing (see below), opened announce
> mailbox and was annoyed by the fact that 2nd class DDs like me (and
> their upstreams!) do not deserve information about freeze date in
> advance but they're feed with bug contest messages instead.

What I understand from your mail (apart from the concerns you express
about release management, which I have no authority to address or even
comment...Zack did that already anyway), is that you consider this
announcement not important enough for -devel-announce.

I definitely agree that this wasn't a high importance annoucement, but
more something related to the project's life...and fun. This is indeed
not even developers' oriented, so another announce channel would have
been more appropriate. However, debian-announce being underused, this
"fun" annoucement would have looked weird there. So, well, I did like
I did two years ago and sent the annoucement there.

Sorry if that annoyed you, that was definitely not the intent.

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