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Thinking about bundles

I have been looking into the packaging of bundles - that is packages that have multiple upstream sources. There was recently an article on the subject: http://raphaelhertzog.com/2010/09/07/how-to-use-multiple-upstream-tarballs-in-debian-source-packages/ .
However one must notice this quote:
"The supplementary tarball is now part of the source package but we’re not making anything useful out of it. *We have to modify debian/rules* ... to install the new files in the binary package."

I have recently looked into a number of bundle packages. All of them have different implementations of the debian/rules although the ones I looked at had clearly once had a common parent. Hence I have been kept awake at night thinking how this situation might be improved. The following proposal draws upon the ideas I have picked up from those bundles. All those bundles were perl ones though I think I have managed to make this proposal language neutral.

Proposal: dh_components
Purpose: Support for additional components in debian/rules

To be activated one would need to run "dh --with components $@" and also there would have to be a "debian/components" directory.

Directory structure

debian/components/ rules
" / " / copyright.in
" / " / [component1] / rules
" / " / " / control
" / " / " / copyright
" / " / " /patches
" / " / " /watch

For each component there would be directory below the debian/components directory. Files that could be in an individual directory are as follows:

watch: Just the same as a normal watch file.
patches: Just the same as a normal quilt patches directory
copyright: This would not be a full copyright file. It would consist only of the stanzas relevant to the component. control: This would be in the same format as the main control file but would only accept certain fields - namely a long description fragment and various dependencies such a Depends, Recommends, Suggests, Conflicts etc. Build dependencies would not be supported as there would be no way such information could be used. rules: This would be an executable description described in more detail later.

Of the above file I think only the copyright and control files would be mandatory. There would optionally be a rules file at the debian/components directory.

The '--with' option
There would need to be a 'Debian/Debhelper/Sequence/components.pm' the sole purpose of which would be to install the 'dh_components' hook just before 'dh_installdocs'.

The 'uscan_components' script
This would be a wrapper around uscan. It would iterate through the components and run 'uscan --watchfile [file]' specifying the components watch file and passing on any arguments that make sense. It would make sense to integrate this functionality into uscan, but this script would be a work around whilst the project is experimental.

The 'dh_components' script
This would have three jobs:
* Patching together the copyright file from a template 'debian/components/copyright.in' and the copyright files in the component directories. * Patching together various variable substitutions such as ${components:Depends}, ${components:Recommends}, ${components:Conflicts} and notably ${components:Description} from the component control files. These should be used in the main debian/control file. * Running the build process for each component. The build process would consist of the following phases:

1.) *copy* from the component source directory to a build area
2.) *patch* the source in the build area using the components patches directory. This includes a link from [component source copy]/debian/patches to [component patches area] so that the quilt config which works for the main package should also work for the component.
3.) *configure* the copy in the build area
4.) *build* the source in the build area
5.) *test* the source in the build area
6.) *install* the source from the build area to the package install area (usually debian/[package]/...).

Exactly how this would work would depend on the combination of the rules file in the "components" directory and the component "rules" files in each individual components directory. This would allow some components to be handled in a standard package wide manner and others to get special treatment -- possibly only at one build stage. There would also be arguments to instruct dh_components to only handle certain components and only certain tasks or build stages. This would be useful in debugging and managing component patches (see below)

The 'rules' file
The 'rules' file must be an executable script. The spec is intended to make it easily implementable as a make file though this should not be assumed. It should pick up the component being worked on from the DH_COMPONENT environment variable and the build stages 1-6 should all be targets. The rules file is not required to implement all six targets but it must implement one extra target: 'list'. This should print out the list of targets that it can handle. The rule for each build stage must check if the previous stage has completed, running that uncompleted stage if it knows how and failing if not. On completion it must mark that the stage is completed with a stamp file in the build area.

The build process in detail

For each component [component]
Check if debian/components/rules exists and is executable
Check the results of 'DH_COMPONENT=[component] debian/components/rules list'
Check if debian/components/[component]/rules exists and is executable
Check the results of 'DH_COMPONENT=[component] debian/components/[component]/rules list'

For each [stage] in copy patch configure build test install
If debian/components/[component]/rules can handle [stage]
DH_COMPONENT=[component] debian/components/[component]/rules [stage]
If debian/components/rules can handle [stage]
DH_COMPONENT=[component] debian/components/rules [stage]

Model rules scripts
The package would need to come with a number of model rules scripts -- one for each of perl, python etc. So at its simplest someone packaging a bundle of perl modules would only need to copy the model script for perl to 'debian/components/rules' (or maybe dh-make-perl would do that?).

Working with patches
Assuming just one patch
1.) dh_components -t copy [component]
2.) cd [component build area]
3.) quilt push
4.) edit files
5.) quilt refresh
6.) quilt header -e
7.) quilt pop
fn:Nicholas Bamber
org:Periapt Technologies

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