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Re: Is a bug RC relevant if it has an influence on the health of a person


> 	Here comes the bug: GNUmed will, given appropriate
> 	circumstances, OVERWRITE the first allergy against Sugar.
> Three years later, Debian 10 has been released and you
> return because of FatigueFromPackaging.
> I prescribe Sugar, which usually helps against
> FatigueFromPackaging. Your EMR does NOT contain the allergy
> entry for Sugar anymore because it was overwritten by the
> allergy to Water.
> You die in hospital because of a second anaphylactic
> reaction to Sugar.
> Of course, medico-legally I am responsible.
> However, didn't you wish we had discussed and solved this
> issue in Debian *today* ?   ;-)


Although I do see the point of "harms people" missing in the description of
severities, *all* RC-level severities already seem to apply, given the above
description (quoting [1]):

- critical: "... or causes serious data loss, ..." (although internal to GNUmed,
  it does cause loss of a patient's data)
- grave: "makes the package in question unusable or mostly so, ..." (given the
  above description, it shall better not be used by any medic)
- serious: "... or, in the package maintainer's or release manager's opinion, makes
  the package unsuitable for release." (the easiest one: paste Karsten's
  description into a bug report and you're done)

Hope this helps,

[1] http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#severities

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