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Re: Bug#595427: ITP: winetricks -- Quick and dirty script todownload and install variousredistributable runtime libraries

* Stephen Kitt (steve@sk2.org) [100907 23:27]:
> I agree, I don't think it would be appropriate to try to package the
> DFSG-free Windows software installable via winetricks (such as 7-zip); in any
> case, packaging winetricks needn't involve shipping random free software for
> Windows inside Debian.

For example, 7zip is only used to extract Visual C++ 2005 Trial files.
Why can't we use e.g. p7zip for that, which is already packaged in
Debian?  I think that would be way better.

So, part of the task would involve to replace dependencies on "some"
windows software by Software already in Debian. (As one could even
associate file extensions with linux software, it's quite possible to
write wrapper scripts that can be called from windows and execute
normal debian code.)

Of course, this isn't possible for all usages of winetricks, but the
more the better. (And it's not necessary to have all work done for the
first upload - this is something that could be done step by step.)

> Another objection is that providing winetricks increases the support burden;
> this could be turned into an advantage (compared to users simply downloading
> winetricks themselves) by adding code to (or around) winetricks so that any
> changes made to wine prefixes using winetricks can be traced in bug reports.
> (In a similar fashion to kernel tainting...)

That should be done as well.


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