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Re: Bug#595427: ITP: winetricks -- Quick and dirty script todownload and install variousredistributable runtime libraries

On Tuesday 07 September 2010, Adam Borowski wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 09:20:21AM +0100, Chris Carr wrote:
> > If the new winetricks package were to be called wine-nonfree, that 
> > lay the foundations for later efforts ...
> Except that it would be a serious misnomer.
> First, many of the packages there are free software.  29 out of 120, by 
> count.
> Then, in the usual Debian parlance, "nonfree" usually suggests 
> gratis distributable things.  Winetricks includes a mix of distributable,
> non-distributable and even non-gratis software (the last cathegory 
> that you have a valid Windows license).
That is not true.  Winetricks is itself entirely free, and is just a simple
script.  It then downloads the other materials from public web sites,
but by no measure can those other materials be regarded as part of
wine-tricks - Microsoft would have something to say about that if it
were claimed that they were part.

> In the past, there was opposition to shipping random free software for
> Windows inside Debian, for good reasons.  And since most of the rest in
> undistributable, packaging winetrick as a big installer (in main!) is
> probably the best idea.
> Meow,

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