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Re: how to best handle this library update?

[sean finney]
> 1) split out the c++ libraries, make the c++ library conflict with the older
>     version of libxmlrpc-c3 (conflicting files) make the -dev package
>     depend on both libraries, and hope that a half dozen binNMU's fix the
>     problem quickly enough.
> 2) do (1) but also fake an abi break in the c libraries, renaming this
>     package as well (i could leave the SONAME the same though, right?
>     allowing the old libraries to stay while the transition takes place.

If you keep the same SONAME for the C library, it will have to Breaks
(or Conflicts) libxmlrpc-c3, so that won't really accomplish the
seamless upgrade you want with 2).

I think what you want is 2), keeping the C SONAME, but adding Breaks +
Replaces (but not Provides, since you aren't providing the C++ lib),
followed by a round of binNMU.  Preferably not in unstable until after
squeeze, unless it's actually targeted to squeeze at this late date, as
this is a library transition that can prevent migration of any of your


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