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Re: Bug#592839: dpkg-source option to remove files on unpack: debian/source/remove-files

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@ieee.org> writes:

> On Wed, Aug 25 2010, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> Goswin von Brederlow writes ("Re: Bug#592839: dpkg-source option to remove files on unpack: debian/source/remove-files"):
>>> That was my point. Legally we CAN use those files. But we don't WANT to
>>> use them for DFSG reasons.
>> I think we are in vigorous agreement, but your tone makes me hesitate.
>> Let me summarise my understanding:
>>  File status:   DFSG-free       non-free but            Not
>>                                 redistributable         redistributable
>>                 --------------- ----------------------  ------------------
>>  Presence       Can and         Currently removed       Must be removed,
>>  in .orig       should be       from .orig's by some    so .orig tarball
>>    .tar.gz      included.       maintainers.  I think   must be repacked.
>>                                 this is a waste of
>>                                 time.
>>  Removal or     May sometimes   IMO necessary to        Insufficient.
>>  inhibition     be useful to    prevent accidental
>>  by dpkg-src    avoid acci-     use, and to facilitate
>>  pattern or     dental use.     licence review
>>  rm by rules
>> Do you agree ?  In particular, do you agree that repacking .orig
>> tarballs to remove non-free-but-redistributable files (such as RFCs
>> and non-free-GFDL docs) is a waste of time ?

ACK. That summarizes it nicely. The "Not redistributable" is a legal
problem and no amount of good will from ftp-master will change the need
to repack. The "non-free but redistributable" collumn is where
ftp-master has to be convinced.

>         Once I have written my watch file, and the urepack script, I
>  find that the time being wasted lies in the sub-second range.  Hardly
>  something I worry about, really.

I find the waste of time quite irelevant. Even if unpacking, delete,
repack takes a few minutes for a large package you don't do that often
and only once for each upstream version. And that could probably be
streamlined with importing the source into a VCS and running
pristine-tar. But it means the orig.tar.gz is no longer pristine.

Worst case different debian derivates will each have different
orig.tar.gz files because their rules of what to remove differs.
I would rather have pristine tarballs across the board and different
cleanup code in debian/rules.

>         manoj


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