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Re: Bug#592839: dpkg-source option to remove files on unpack: debian/source/remove-files

* David Claughton [2010-08-15 01:33 +0100]:
> Another use-case might be to remove "convenience copies" of system
> libraries.  Might be useful (e.g. for security reasons) to be able to
> guarantee that this code isn't being accidentally used by a build (in
> a way that can be easily checked by a script).

Half a year ago wml and related packages had such bugs.  To create
a list of unused files [1] I used a few lines of shell [2] ... pasting
the relevant part of it might be easier than explaining it:

    # List a Debian source package's files that are not accessed during
    # building the package.  File systems must be mounted with atime or
    # relatime.


    # File systems mounted with relatime only update access time if it
    # is earlier than or equal to the modify or create time, thus touch
    # every regular file.
    find . -type f -exec touch '{}' ';'


    touch "$TMPFILE"
    sleep 1

    dpkg-buildpackage -D -tc -rfakeroot -us -uc -b

    find . -type f ! -anewer "$TMPFILE" | sort | tee "$LOGFILE"

Axel found it useful at that time, but the use case seems to be quite


 [1] http://stateful.de/~carsten/tmp/100216NxxyjuNgtqk/wml-2.0.11ds1_unused-files_24941.log
 [2] http://stateful.de/~carsten/tmp/100216NxxyjuNgtqk/orig-unused-files
 (These URL's are temporary)

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