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Re: Closing non-bugs (a.k.a. fixed version is same as found version)

On Sun, 15 Aug 2010, Guus Sliepen wrote:
> I think that if people are actively opening and closing bugs (in
> that order) with the same Version tag, they expect the bug to be
> closed. I also do not think that there is any danger in having it
> marked as closed, it can always be reopened later.

The danger is that packages can transition without a bug having
actually been fixed. It's always conservative to have open have
precedence over closed. [When was the last time that you looked
specifically for bugs which were erroneously closed without also
seeing the behavoir that the bug caused?]
> How often, when a bug is opened and closed with the same Version
> tag, was one of the two Version tags really wrong?

First off, these are found and fixed versions that we're talking
about; "tags" are something else entirely.

Secondly, any time that a bug is found and fixed in the same version,
one (or both?) of them is wrong. There's no way for the BTS to know
which it is, so it assumes that the found version is correct, and the
fixed version is wrong.

In the case of bugs which can be fixed by any upload without changes
to the source package, the change that needs to be made is to allow
bugs to be found in a particular binary version which does not also
affect the decendents of that version. I know how to implement this,
and have thought about it for a while. I haven't implemented it yet
because there aren't too many of these bugs, and the UI and
far-reaching effects of it is going to be annoying.

Don Armstrong

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